Looking Forward To Seeing You In Watrex Expo

Watrex Expo is the largest water and wastewater show in Africa & Middle East. It will be held in Egypt. We will take this chance to visit our clients. Our booth is E21. Welcome to talk water treatent questions together.

2023 is a special year for Chinese. The impact of the three-year epidemic blockade on the normal development of our company and daily life cannot be underestimated. In these three years, we haven’t gone abroad to visit our clients and attended exhibitions. 2023 is a new beginning for us. It is a good chance for us to expand our market.

Watrex Expo

We have exported to over 120 countries. Egypt is one of our main market. Watrex Expo will be hold in Egypt. The topic of the exhibition is about water. Safe water is the basic for our daily life. Our activated carbon with low iron and ash is very suitable for water treatment.

Zhulin Carbon

Zhulin has been over 20 years in activated carbon field. We can provide standard activated carbons and special activated carbon for different applications. Cooperated with couples of colleage professors, we have provided great support in the complicated application for our clients.

For Watrex Expo, it will be held in May 15th-17th, 2023 we have prepared samples and brochure, and we are looking forwarder to attending it. Our booth is E21th. We welcome every client to come visit us.

Any questions about the water treatment, we can help and provide free technical support.

Let’s meet on Watrex Expo.

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