Activated carbon By material

The primary raw material used for activated carbon is any organic material with a high carbon content. The raw material has a very large influence on the characteristics and performance of the activated carbon (activated charcoal). Our company produces activated carbon from coconuts, coal and wood.

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Coconut shell activated carbon​

Coconut shell-based activated carbon is a type of activated carbon that contains a high degree of micropores and is suitable for filtration applications. It is especially effective in water treatment and gold recovery, because of its hardness and filtration performance capabilities.
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Coal based activated carbon​​

Coal-based activated carbon comes from coal that has been treated with steam. During this process, millions of tiny pores are created on the surface of the carbon, increasing its total surface area. Coal-based carbon is used primarily in gas and liquid phase purification applications.
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Wood activated carbon​

Wood-based activated carbon is created from steam- or phosphoric acid-activated wood and sawdust. In this type of carbon, most pores are in the meso and macro pore size range, which makes it ideal for removing color from liquids.

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