Activated carbon By shape

Activated carbon is an excellent adsorbent because of its large surface area and high porosity. It can have a surface area greater than 1000m²/g. Activated carbon comes in three variations: Powder Activated Carbon (PAC), Pellet activated carbon (EAC) and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).

GAC activated carbon granules

Granular activated carbon

This type of particle ranges from 0.2 to 5 mm in size and is used in both liquid and gas phase applications.
EAC activated carbon pellets

Pellet activated carbon

Extruded and cylindrical-shaped particles are mainly used in gas phase applications, as they have low pressure drops, high mechanical strengths, and low dust contents.
PAC activated carbon powder

Powdered activated carbon

Pulverised activated carbon is made from carbon with a size predominantly less than 0.18mm (US Mesh 80). It is used in liquid phase applications and for flue gas treatment.
Honeycomb activated carbon cube

Honeycomb activated carbon

Honeycomb Activated Carbon can be used for VOC adsorption from paint spray booths and odor control at wastewater treatment plants. It is suitable for Air Stripper off-gas and water treatment.

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