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Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer and distributor for water treatment, catalysts, biofuel, gold recovery and wash solutions. Providing you with cost effective solutions as well as customized services.

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Main Products Types

coconut granular activated carbon

Coconut granular activated carbon


  • Water filter;
  • Purified water, tap water purification;
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment;
  • Sugar decolorizing;
  • Food and beverage industry;
  • Gold recovery;
  • Gas phase adsorption (gas refining, odor control, VOC removal, air purification, etc);
  • Mercury removal;
  • Catalyst carrier.
  • Coconut pellet activated carbon

    Coconut pellet activated carbon


  • Solvent recovery;
  • Gas purification;
  • H2S Removal;
  • VOCs removal.
  • Customized Products & Services

    6 12 mesh coconut activated carbon for gold recovery

    ZLGOLD Series

    Provide 6-12, 8-16 mesh high iodine value coconut shell carbon for gold recovery of CIP, CIC, CIL process.
    12 40 mesh coconut granular activated carbon for water treatment

    ZLAQUE Series

    Provide 8*30, 12*40 mesh high grade coconut shell carbon for water treatment system, filter cartridge, etc.
    30 70 mesh coconut activated carbon

    ZLAIR Series

    Provides coconut activated carbon for applications such as gas treatment, cigarettes, gas filters.
    4mm coconut shell activated carbon pellets

    Coconut carbon pellets

    Provide 3mm and 4mm coconut carbon pellets for solvent recycling industry such as tape factory and chemical factory.

    Customized Products & Services

    Packaging and Shipping

    coconut shell activated carbon 25 kg

    Factory View

    FAQs about coconut carbon

    Our moq is 2ton. If below 2ton, we suggest you to buy at the local or from our clients, which will be cost effective.

    Absolutely. The moment you contact us, you become a valuable potential customer for us. We look forward to working with you, no matter how small or small your order is, and hope we can grow together in the future. We hope we can grow together in the future.

    Generally, 7-10 will be enough. For larger quantity, it will take a little longer.

    Our products meet the certification requirements of different applications, including ISO, NSF, REACH, HALAL. We strictly install various standards and regulations to guide our production.

    From the raw material and finished product, we have specialized technical workers to test the various index and meet clients’ requirements.

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