Amine Purification

Activated Carbon for Amine Purification

In the oil and gas industry, activated carbon is used in many applications. It’s commonly used in amine units for H2S and CO2 removal from hydrocarbon steams. Gases containing H2S or both H2S and CO2 are commonly referred to as sour gases.

Activated carbon removes contaminants from the amine solvent, reducing foaming problems. The most commonly used amines in industrial plants are the alcohol amines MEA, DEA, and MDEA.

There are many different amines used in gas treating

  • Mon ethanolamine (MEA)

  • Di-ethanolamine (DEA)

  • Methyl-di-ethanolamine (MDEA)

  • Di-Iso-propylamine (DIPA)

  • Amino-ethoxy ethanol; diglycolamine (DGA)

Zhulin amine liquid filtration activated carbon can purify the recirculating amine to remove degradation products and dissolved hydrocarbons.