Activated carbon

Production of carbon for various liquid and gas phase adsorptions

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Activated carbon By types​

Granular, Pellet, Powder And Other Activated Carbons

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Granular activated carbon​

Made from coconut shells or coal. Widely used in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, drinking water...
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Pelletized activated carbon​

Made of coal or coconut shells. It works by absorbing gases, odor and organic solvents.
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Powdered activated carbon​

Our powdered carbon is made from high quality wood or coal, which is processed under strict standards.
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Honeycomb activated carbon​

Our Honeycomb Pelletized Activated Carbon is made from coal or coconut and is a great odor absorber.

Activated carbon By materials

we are a specialized company who manufacture active carbon from coconut, lignite or wood.

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Coconut shell activated carbon​

We provide coconut shell activated carbon with high quality and competitive price. The coconut shell activated carbon are used for water treatment, gold recovery, etc.
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Coal based activated carbon

We are a diverse supplier of coal activated carbon and provide various types of coal activated carbon for liquid phase adsorption, gas phase adsorption, and filtration.
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Wood base activated carbon

Wood-activated carbon is a versatile can be used for decolorization, purification, deodorization and absorption of organic compounds in liquid.

Activated carbon By applications

Activated carbon has been widely used in water treatment, gold recovery, solvent recovery, absorption, deodorization, and other types of liquid phase and gas-phase adsorption. Inquiry us for more solution.​

Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Drinking Water Filter
Drinking Water Filter
Gold Recovery
Gold Recovery
Food and Beverage
Food And Beverage
Air&Gas Purification
Air purification
Solvent Recovery
Solvent Recovery
Amine Purification
Amine purification
Biogas Desulfurization
Biogas desulfurization

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