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What you need is not only suitable activated carbon products, you also need a supplier who can provide stable quality and cost-effective products. Let Zhulin Carbon help you achieve business success.
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granular activated carbon, pellet activated carbon and powdered activated carbon

Innovation and sustainability

Welcome to Zhulin carbon - One of the most trusted activated carbon manufacturers in China

Zhulin Carbon is China’s leading activated carbon manufacturer & supplier with over 20 years of expertise in the activated carbon industry. It has rich experience in this field and provides customers with the most considerate services and products. We will provide you with all technical support, including advice on what grade of activated carbon to use for your application, and enable you to benefit from the carbon.

We provide various series of activated carbon products

We use high-quality coconut shell, coal, wood, apricot shell, etc. as raw materials to produce activated carbon, including granular carbon, pellet carbon, powdered carbon, honeycomb activated carbon, etc.

Our activated carbon products have passed the ISO, NSF, HALAL, KOSHER and other approval. At every step in our operation, quality is what we endeavor for.

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coconut shell activated carboncoal based activated carbonwood activated carbonnut shell activated carbon


Our activated carbon series products can meet the needs of various uses, including general applications, such as water treatment, VOCs removal, gold recovery, vapor recovery, sugar decolorization, etc.

activated carbon for water treatment

Drinking water filter

activated carbon for Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

activated carbon for gold recovery

Gold recovery

activated carbon in Air&gas purification

Air&gas purification

activated carbon for food and drinks

Food and drinks

activated carbon for Biogas desulfurization

Biogas desulfurization

activated carbon for Biogas desulfurization

Solvent Recovery

activated carbon for Biogas desulfurization

Amine purification

Why Choose Zhulin Carbon?

Stable supply

We have 4 factories in different regions with different raw material advantages and complete production equipment to ensure the stability of raw materials and the guarantee of production capacity.

activated carbon factory China


We have a well-equipped, modern testing laboratory and each material is tested several times during intermediate stages of production and before dispatch. Our products meet NSF, HALAL, KOSHE and other standards.

Fast delivery

A stable and reliable raw material supply system, continuous improvement of production and warehousing management capabilities are our guarantee for fast delivery.

activated carbon 25kg / 500kg


You put forward your requirements for activated carbon products and applications, and then we can provide customized solutions to meet your business needs.

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ZHULIN CARBON has helped customers in more than 70 countries reach a good cooperative relationship and help them achieve success. We also welcome you to become a partner or distributor in your country/region.

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