Biogas Desulfurization

Activated Carbon for Biogas Desulfurization

Biogas is a mixed gas produced by the fermentation of microorganisms under anaerobic conditions. During fermentation, a large amount of H2S gas is carried. H2S gas will accelerate the corrosion and blockage of metal pipes, and the SO2 produced by combustion will cause damage to the atmospheric environment. Whether in industrial or civil gas, H2S must be removed as much as possible.

Dry desulfurization is a simple, efficient, and relatively low-cost desulfurization method. Put the packing in a container. The packing layer contains activated carbon, iron oxide, etc. The gas passes through the packing layer in the container at a low flow rate from one end, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is oxidized to sulfur or sulfur oxides and remains in the packing layer. The purified gas is discharged from the other end of the container.

We can provide high performance desulfurization activated carbon to be used for the fine removal of hydrogen sulfide and part of organic sulfur from various gas sources such as biogas and liquefied gas.

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