Activated Carbon for Fluoride Removal

Activated carbon for fluoride removal

When water contains too high a concentration of fluoride, it may have a negative impact on human health. Therefore, removing fluoride from water becomes an important task. Activated carbon is an effective material that can be used to remove fluoride from water. In this blog post, we will detail fluoride removal method, and the role of activated carbon in fluoride removal applications.

What is fluoride in water?

Fluoride in wastewater refers to dissolved fluoride ions (F-) in wastewater or drainage. Fluoride ions can come from various industrial processes, agricultural activities or naturally in groundwater. Excessive amounts of fluoride ions can cause serious health problems, especially harming bone health in humans and animals.

Fluoride removal methods:

Adsorption Method:

Activated alumina or activated carbon is typically added to wastewater in this method. These materials adsorb fluoride ions effectively, achieving defluorination with high efficiency and simple operation.

Chemical Precipitation Method:

A precipitant is introduced into the wastewater to react and form insoluble compounds, effectively removing fluoride ions. While operation is straightforward and costs are low, there is a risk of secondary pollution.

Membrane Separation Method:

Special membranes are employed to separate fluoride ions from wastewater based on permeability. This method offers high efficiency, ease of operation, and requires minimal space. However, regular membrane replacement increases overall costs.

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Electrodialysis Method:

Using an electric field and selective permeable membranes, this method rapidly separates fluoride ions. It’s efficient and simple to operate but consumes electricity and is best suited for treating higher-concentration fluoride-containing wastewater.

Biological Treatment Method:

Microorganisms metabolize fluoride ions in wastewater into harmless substances that meet regulatory standards. This method boasts high efficiency without secondary pollution, requiring careful selection of microbial strains and consideration of other wastewater components.

Fluoride Removal Agent Treatment Method:

Fluoride removal agents are employed to treat low-concentration fluoride-containing wastewater effectively, meeting standards without issues like blockage or scaling. With cost-effective and adaptable performance, these agents can be tailored to different types of wastewater for optimal performance.

How does activated carbon remove fluoride?

activated carbon for water

Activated carbon removes fluoride from water through a process called adsorption. Adsorption involves the adhesion of fluoride ions to the surface of the activated carbon particles. The high surface area and porous structure of activated carbon provide numerous active sites for fluoride ions to attach. When water containing fluoride passes through activated carbon, these ions are attracted to and held on the surface of the carbon particles, effectively reducing the concentration of fluoride in the water.

In addition to physical adsorption, chemical interactions also play a role in the removal process. Activated carbon can be impregnated with substances like aluminum or magnesium oxide, which enhance its ability to attract and retain fluoride ions. These impregnated compounds react with fluoride to form stable complexes, further improving the efficiency of fluoride removal. This combined action of physical adsorption and chemical interaction makes activated carbon an effective method for reducing fluoride levels in drinking water.


Activated carbon is an ideal material to remove fluoride from water. Zhulin Activated Carbon offers a variety of activated carbon products suitable for fluoride removal applications, with high adsorption capacity and quality that meets international standards. If you have any questions about activated carbon fluoride removal or need more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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