Activated Carbon for Petrochemical

Activated Carbon for Petrochemical

The application of activated carbon in petrochemical industry is so extensive and important. With its high specific surface area and porous structure, it has become an indispensable separation material in the fields of oil-water separation, waste gas purification, organic matter separation and heavy metal ion adsorption. This blog mainly focus on the specific application of activated carbon in petrochemical industry.

In petrochemical industry, activated carbon is mainly used for the following aspects:

Activated carbon for oily water separation:

Activated carbon can efficiently absorb oil in water through its high specific surface area and porous structure. In the process of oil extraction, the mixture of groundwater and oil-bearing layer water needs to be separated for oil recovery and reduce environmental pollution. Adsorbents such as activated carbon can adsorb oil in water to its surface, achieving the effect of oil-water separation.

activated carbon for recoery oil from water
Activated Carbon for Petrochemical 2

Air purification:

The waste gas produced by petrochemical plants and chemical plants often contains high concentrations of organic matter and harmful gases, which is harmful for the environment. Activated carbon can purify the waste gas by adsorbing these organic matter and harmful gases, meeting the emission standards and protecting the environment.

Separation of organic substances:

Petrochemicals often produce a large amount of organic mixtures, such as solvents, petroleum ether, ketones, etc. Activated carbon can selectively adsorb these organic substances, separate and purify them, and provide high-purity raw materials for subsequent processes.

Heavy metal ion adsorption:

In the petrochemical process, heavy metal ions are often present, such as lead, chromium, mercury, etc. Activated carbon has good adsorption properties and can efficiently adsorb these heavy metal ions, reduce pollution risks, and protect the ecological environment.


Activated carbon plays a vital role in various aspects of the petrochemical industry. Zhulin Carbon is a leading provider of activated carbon solutions. With its expertise, Zhulin Carbon offers a range of high-quality activated carbon products for the specific needs of the petrochemical industry.

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