Catalytic Activated Carbon for H2S Removal

Catalytic activated carbon is a kind of renewable carbon that can be used to remove hydrogen sulfide. It can be regenerated by washing with water, which greatly reduces the cost in actual production. Let's learn today!
One type of material that can extract hydrogen sulfide from water is catalytic carbon. Carbon contains a large surface area for absorption and the ability to remove H2S (hydrogen sulfide) from gas streams. This article explains how, why, and where to use Catalytic Activated Carbon technology in water treatment systems.

What is catalytic activated carbon?

Catalytic carbon is made of coconut shell carbon that has been highly activated by the addition of iron-hydroxide. The iron catalyst enhances the adsorption of contaminants with a negative charge. Catalytic carbon is the only regenerable activated carbon in the market.

How do you make catalytic carbon?

Catalytic carbon is created by altering the surface structure of activated carbon. A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed by that reaction. Catalytic carbon is produced by processing activated carbon at high temperatures and in the presence of a catalyst to change its electronic structure and create the highest level of catalytic activity on carbon for reducing chloramine and H2S in water.

Catalytic coconut shell granular activated carbon application

  • Potable water – removal of chloramine prior to RO filters
  • Whole House Filtration: Removal of chloramine , organics , Hydrogen Sulphide from water supplies
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Aquariums – removal of chloramines which is lethal to fish and invertebrates.

Why choose catalytic activated carbon?

  • As catalytic carbon does not have impregnates, you will not have to worry about reduced odor capacity or the higher fire potential of impregnated carbons.
  • Catalytic carbons are more effective than conventional carbons because of their ability to facilitate a variety of chemical reactions. It is a form of activated carbon that has been modified by gas processing at high temperatures to change its electronic structure and create the highest level of catalytic activity on carbon for reducing chloramine and H2S in water. This added catalytic functionality is much greater than that found in traditional activated carbons.
  • Catalytic carbon can be washed with water to convert H2S into sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid—which are both water soluble—so the catalytic carbon can be reused for longer periods of time.

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