Acid Washed Activated Carbon

Acid washed granular activated carbon is mainly used for special applications. And the price is higher than the common activated carbon. But some clients still prefer it. How much do you know about the acid washed activated carbon? Let's know today!

What is acid washed activated carbon?

Acid-washed activated carbon is made from high-quality coal activated carbon or coconut shell activated carbon, which is acid-washed. The product is mainly made from granular carbon, which is acid washed during the manufacturing process to remove unwanted impurities, resulting in a product with very low acid soluble iron content.

Ideal for many liquid phase applications, acid-washed granular activated carbon is specifically designed to purify water and organic liquids that require low ash and leachate content. Its superior hardness levels and low levels of impurities make it cleaner than most other carbons and give it a longer service life.

Parameters of acid washing activated carbon

We specialize in providing customized solutions for our clients’ projects, providing the right metrics according to their needs.

Why some clients choose acid washed carbon?

It can remove the impurities in activated carbon, reduce the heavy metal content and enhance the safety of water purification. During the acid washing process, hydrochloric acid can dissolve inorganic salts and heavy metal compounds in the activated carbon, and after water washing, it can effectively reduce the heavy metal content.

Removal of soluble inorganic salt ashes and degrade TDS concentration. Acid washing process can dissolve inorganic salt impurities in activated carbon and reduce ash such as calcium carbonate. For example, the ash content of the un-acid-washed coconut shell activated carbon is about 5%,  after acid-washed, the ash content of coconut shell activated carbon is less than 3%, and with the deep acid-washed, the ash content of coconut shell activated carbon can reach less than 1%. The amount of white suspension is proportional to the ash content. Only after a large amount of water is flushed to reduce the ash content, the water quality will be clarified.

Adjust PH and improve the taste of water. The PH of ordinary activated carbon is between 9-11, and the PH of activated carbon after deep acid washing can be controlled at 7-8.5, and the PH of drinking water is 7.1-7.6, which is very good.

Reduce the dust on the surface layer and pores of activated carbon, and reduce the amount of black water. The deep acid washing process will use a large amount of softened water to clean and remove the floating dust on the surface of activated carbon and the ash in the pores. When used in the front end of the water purifier, it can greatly reduce the risk of water-soluble and acid-soluble ash clogging the ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane and improve the life of the membrane; when used in the back end of the water purifier, it can ensure that the water quality is clear and thorough without black water.


What is the applications of acid washed carbon?

Acid washed activated carbon has extensive internal structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended operational life, high volume activity, and rapid pH stabilization. This activated charcoal is produced for use in ultra-pure water treatment systems requiring low conductivity and exceptionally high purity. This activated carbon is also specifically designed for the removal of heavy hydrocarbons from recovered condensate. The acid washing process removes soluble silica from the matrix of the activated carbon to prevent leaching into the condensate.

Some of the benefits of Acid Washed activated carbon include Dechlorination of water, better taste, removal of bad odors, removal of color from water, removal of organic substances, etc.

Acid washed activated carbon is used in various applications such as is ideal for use in the treatment of water in the Electronics and Semi-Conductor Industries, Hospitals, Soft Drinks Bottling Plants, Breweries, and large RO Desalination Units, protection of reverse osmosis membranes from chlorine and organic fouling.

Acid Washed vs Non-Acid Washed Carbon

Acid is often used to wash carbon to dissolve calcium carbonate, magnesium, salts, silica, iron-nickel zinc, copper, and other items. As a result, this creates more porosity for elements to be adsorbed when used. Generally, acid-washed, activated carbon is more effective than unwashed carbon and less likely to release phosphates due to ash removal. Ash is residual, burnt-up organics. Ash removal is important because it otherwise clogs the pores in the carbon, thereby reducing its effectiveness. For high-quality carbons, an ash content of less than 0.1% is typical. Carbons with high ash content can cause a dramatic increase in pH. In contrast, acid-washed carbons with a lower ash content tend to reduce pH when initially used.

Ultra-pure water treatment systems call for low conductivity and high purity levels and that’s why acid wash activated carbon is deemed perfect for the application. Our acid washed activated carbon is commonly used to remove heavy hydrocarbons from recovered condensate. Soluble silica is removed from the matrix of the activated carbon to stop leaching.

FAQ about acid wash activated carbon 

  • In general, what is the amount of phosphate precipitation for coconut shell activated carbon? Can acid wash reduce the phosphate precipitation of coconut shell activated carbon? If it can work, how much can it be reduced?

Coconut shell activated carbon typically does not contain phosphate. If the objective is to reduce phosphate content through acid wash, phosphoric acid should not be used. Instead, hydrochloric acid or nitric acid can be considered. Even if there is a minimal amount of phosphate present, it can still be significantly reduced to achieve the lowest possible level.

At Zhulin Carbon, we use selected quality coconut shells & Wood Based Activated Carbon to produce acid wash activated carbon of top-notch quality. Our experts will be able to advise and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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