wood based activated carbon

Wood based activated carbon

We are a leading supplier and exporter of wood activated carbon. Wood activated carbon is made of high-quality wood chips as raw materials, processed by physical methods or phosphoric acid methods. It is available in powder form,  and can be customized to meet specific application specifications.

Wood base activated carbon has large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity, which is suitable for water purification industries such as sugar making, pharmaceutical, beverage and liquor. It is also widely used in decolorization, refining, purification of organic solvents and sewage treatment.

Particle Size100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh
Cmethylene Blue Adsorption value18
Ash (%)3%(max)
CertificationHALAL, ISO9001:2008, KOSHER, NSF
Packaging25kg pp bag, Custom packaging

Application of coconut carbon:

  • Decolorization and refining in food and beverage industry;
  • Medicine and chemicals;
  • Sewage treatment;
  • Catalyst and support;
  • Sugar bleaching.
  • Drinking water purification.

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wood based activated carbon

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