Project Case of Activated Carbon for Water Plant (Thailand)

On May 30, 2022, we got a bid for a government project in Thailand. For the government tender, there are strict requirements for activated carbon specifications and parameters. Once the contract is signed, we will abide by every clause. Throughout the order period, we experienced the COVID-19 and effect of raw material price fluctuations. This was a very big challenge to our production activities. In the end, thanks to our efforts, the whole order was delivered smoothly.

Attached the activated carbon requirements of the client:

  • Item 1: Coal based granular activated carbon

    Size: 8*30mesh
    Iodine: 900mg/g

  • Item 2: Powdered activated carbon

    Size: 200mesh
    Iodine: 800mg/g

Customer’s Concerns

For drinking water treatment projects, most customers want to obtain the NSF Standard Certificate for Safe Water Purification. For the coal activated carbon products required by our customers, we have the certification to meet their needs in this regard.

The specifications required for this project are very strict and we have strict quality control during the production process, as well as providing our customers with factory quality inspection reports and sending them to third party testing institutes for testing (SGS). 

The third challenge was the short delivery time and the impact of the epidemic in the country. Thanks to adequate capacity and warehousing systems. In the end, we were able to deliver the goods to the customer without any problems.

SGS Test report and certificate 2

Zhulin Activated Carbon Group is a China leading supplier with over 20 years of expertise in activated carbon industry. Our products are certified with HALAL, ARA HALAL, KOSHER and ISO 9001:2008. We are committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective activated carbon products.

We complement our activated carbon products with on-site systems and services to help meet your specific needs. Sample is free for clients.

  • Demand Products ZLCAC830 & ZLPAC200 (coal based)
  • Specific Application Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

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