Activated carbon for water plant sent to Thailand

This is a government bid of activated carbon, which needed the quantity of about 4500ton one year. Regardless of quantity and quality, customers have strict requirements. Let's learn more details today!

On May 30, 2022, we got a government project bid from Thailand. For the government bid, it has different requirements regarding activated carbon. Every type of activated carbon has strict specifications. For the first order of the total amount, the quantity is not much. But once the contract is signed, we much follow every term.

Attached the activated carbon requirements of the client:

Item 1: Coal based carbon

Size: 8*30mesh

Iodine: 900mg/g

Item 2: Powdered activated carbon

Size: 200mesh

Iodine: 800mg/g

What are our client's concerns?

For drinking water, most of the clients wanted NSF certificate for safe water purification standards. And for this client, every index was important and applied the third part SGS for every index test. ‍

SGS Test report and certificate 2

Zhulin Activated Carbon Group is a China leading supplier with over 20 years of expertise in activated carbon industry. Our products are certified with HALAL, ARA HALAL, KOSHER and ISO 9001:2008. We are committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective activated carbon products.

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