Activated Carbon for DEA Removal

Activated carbon removes contaminants from the amine solvent, reducing foaming problems and color removal. In this blog, you will see more information about the activated carbon in the amine process.

Amine units are utilized in gas processing plants and petroleum refineries to remove acid gases (H2S and CO2) from gas streams, LPG, recycled gases, and refinery off-gases. An amine unit is also used in CO2 sequestration, metal production, and synthesis gas production. Activated carbon removes contaminants from the amine solvent, reducing foaming problems and color removal.

Amine filtration that usually includes particulate and carbon filter is one of the critical processes of a sour gas sweetening unit that ensures low foaming tendency of amine. Activated carbon adsorption bed is crucial to remove hydrocarbon and surfactants e.g. lube oil, corrosion inhibitor.

In this blog, we will introduce the function of activated carbon and working condition, which will help you to understand it well.

The purpose of purchasing activated carbon :

– the need to ensure normal conditions for the flow of the technological process at the plant for amine purification of natural gas from acidic components and for filtering a 30% aqueous solution of diethanolamine (DEA);

– maintenance of the production process of a high-quality amine solution in accordance with the requirements of the plant’s technological regulations.

Application area

Activated carbon is used to filter a 30% aqueous solution of diethanolamine (DEA) from amine degradation products, heat-resistant salts, corrosion products and polymers.

Additional Technical Requirements  

  1.  Working pressure 4050 kpa at 90 °C  
  2.  Temperature of the amine solution 88-90 °C  
  3.  Circulation of the amine solution 520 m3  
  4.  Consumption of DEA solution through the filter 49-78 m3  
  5.  Number of filters 1  
  6.  Loading volume of activated carbon layer 34,6 m3
  7.   The design volume of the filter capacity 67,7 m3  

Basic Technical Requirements of activated carbon:   

  1.  CAS number 7440-44-0
  2.  Appearance ( colour) of black extruded shape
  3.  Diameter 3 mm +/- 0,02
  4.  Specific surface area according to B.E.T , not less than 950m2 /g
  5.  Iodine number , not less than 950 mg/g
  6.  Molasses number 150÷200  
  7.  Apparent density 0,48-0,5g/cm₃
  8.  Humidity , no more 5%
  9.  Ash content, no more 15%
  10.  Sulfates nonexistent
  11.  Phosphates nonexistent 
  12.  Chlorides nonexistent
  13.  Activation Steam-gas  

Features of activated carbon for DEA:

  • Reagglomerated metallurgical grade bituminous coal
  • Uniformly activated pellet
  • High pore volume
  • Fast adsorption

Many processes for the removal of acid gases have been employed commercially and various amines are used, each of the amines offering distinct advantages to specific treating problems.

Depending on the required selectivity, CO2 or H2S  removal, various solutions of solvent can be used.

To sum it up, activated carbon is an efficient adsorbent for the purification of DEA. A wide range of activated carbons is readily available for purchase. Contact us for more information now!

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