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Pellet Activated Carbon

We are the leading activated carbon pellets manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, We offer standard, various impregnated grades of columnar carbon. This carbon is ideally suited for gas phase adsorption and is ideal for applications such as industrial pollutant gases (VOC, H2S, phenol, etc), odor control, gas purification, etc.

Description and characteristics

The activated carbon produced by our company uses high-quality coal and coconut shell as raw materials. Their high activity and surface area make them ideal for many gas phase applications.

Diameter dimensions: 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

CTC (CCl4 adsorption value): CTC40, CTC50, CTC60, CTC70, CTC80, CTC90

Hardness: 98%

Density: 0.45-0.55 [g/ml]

We also offer a variety of custom sizes, CTC, etc. to further meet your application needs, You can contact our team of experts.

Various impregnated registered extruded activated carbon

We have impregnation grades in the following material categories and are constantly developing new grades as new applications arise:

  • KOH

  • KI

  • NaOH

  • K2MnO4

  • Acid solution(H2SO4)

  • Multi-material impregnation series

Contact us today to learn more about how to customize activated carbon for your application.

Packing and shipping

Our commonly used packaging is 25kg/bag and 500kg ton bag, and we can also customize packaging or print the customer’s own brand.


Pellet activated carbon is mainly used for gas purification, waste gas treatment, etc. It is also widely used in industrial and domestic water purification treatment and solvent recovery.

  • Air purification;

  • Biogas desulfurization;

  • Voc removal from vent gas

  • Ammonia, pickling gas, H2s, ether and other pollutants

  • Catalyst carrier;

  • Vapor recovery;

  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA);

  • Gas mask;

  • Odor control;

  • Gold recovery.

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