Water Treatment

Water is the source of life and one of the most important material resources indispensable for human survival and development, but the severeness of water pollution and the shortage of water resources are threatening human‘s health and the development of human society. Zhulin's "Water Purification Series Activated Carbon" uses cutting-edge carbon manufacturing technology to provide an overall solution to this increasingly serious problem.

Our carbon can effectively remove organic molecules, including volatile organic compounds (VOC), disinfection by-products (DBP), chlorinated compounds, chloramines, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, colored bodies, toxins, oils and many other pollutants.

Scope of application

Portable / Drinking water

Portable or drinking water has strict requirements for safety and purity. zhulin water treatment series granular activated carbon(GAC) and powder activated carbon(PAC) have passed strict tests and comply with NSF standards and are specially used for drinking water purification.

It can remove up to 99% of total suspended solids (TSS), volatile organic compounds (VOC), sediments, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines and a series of other pollutants remaining in drinking water.

activated carbon for drinking water

Industrial wastewater

Industrial waste water refers to the waste water and waste liquid produced in the industrial production process. The water often contains a variety of toxic substances. Pollution of the environment is very harmful to human health. Corresponding purification measures must be taken for disposal before it can be discharged.

ZHULIN provides a variety of industrial wastewater purification series of activated carbon, which can effectively remove pollutants: cyanide, methanol, phenol, mercury and chromium and other heavy metals, COD, pesticides, etc.

activated carbon for Industrial wastewater

Sewage treatment

Domestic sewage is the waste water discharged by people in daily life. Sewage pollutants are even more diverse, and their main content is mostly organic matter, which has great damage to human health and the environment.

We can provide activated carbon and sewage treatment processes to remove COD, TOC, VOC, phenolic substances, taste and odor components, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, etc. in the water.

activated carbon for Sewage treatment

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is a public place, so the pool water is very likely to be polluted. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the pool water, it is necessary to filter the pool water regularly.

We can provide activated carbon for swimming pool filtration to remove organics, chloramines, taste and smell, impurities and other pollutants contained in the water.

swimming pool activated carbon
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