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Leading manufacturer of activated carbon in China

Zhulin Carbon is China’s leading activated carbon manufacturer & supplier with over 20 years of expertise in the activated carbon industry. Our company is committed to providing the best activated carbon products to the world market including granular activated carbon, pellet activated carbon and powdered activated carbon, meanwhile, providing the professional technology and service to clients.

Our company has its own complete production equipment, and at the same time meets the customized needs of customers. Our activated carbons are widely used in water treatment, gas purification, food and beverage, gold recovery, medicine purification and other fields.

Zhulin Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. adhere to the “quality of development, reputation and survival” business philosophy, with unique products, excellent product performance and good economy, we will work together with all friends to achieve win-win cooperation!

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Quality Raw Material

Selecting raw materials is the first step in quality control. This applies to all of our products. Our raw materials for activated carbon (coconut shell, coal, wood, etc.) are carefully screened before they are put into production.

Activated carbon from coconut shell, coal, wood

Complete Process

We believe this is the basic requirement on product quality. ZHULIN's carbon experts can work closely with you to determine the high quality and economics of activated carbon to meet your specific requirements.

Strict Quality Control

Sampling and testing of products after each stage of the manufacturing process, ensure that all parameters meet the requirements.

Strong Packing

Our factory will respond quickly and arrange production to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods to help you achieve your operational goals.

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