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Rong chang activated carbon company is China’s leading activated carbon manufacturer and supplier, and we provide customers with various grades of activated carbon products. Industry grade Activated Carbon that lasts longer and gives better filtration results

Activated carbon is a versatile and powerful adsorption medium with excellent filtration, purification and adsorption functions, and is widely used in various industries and daily life. As an activated carbon manufacturer, we are committed to the production and development of activated carbon for various purposes to meet the increasing application needs.

granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon

Size: 4*6mesh, 4*10mesh, 6*12mesh, 8*16mesh, 8*30mesh, 12*40mesh, 30*60mesh

Pellet activated carbon

Size: Φ0.9mm, Φ1.5mm, Φ2mm, Φ3mm, Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ9mm

powdered activated carbon

Powdered activated carbon

Size: 80, 100, 200, 325mesh

Impregnated activated carbon

Impregnated activated carbon

Size: Φ0.9mm, Φ1.5mm, Φ2mm, Φ3mm, Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ9mm

Remark: We can provide customized services according to customer needs, not limited to size, packaging, iodine value, water-washed activated carbon, acid-washed activated carbon, etc.

Industrial Applications of Activated Carbon:

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