Wood Based Activated Carbon

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Wood based activated carbon is made of high-quality fuelwood, wood chips, wood blocks, etc. as raw materials and processed by the phosphoric acid method. It is suitable for the purification and deodorization of drinking water; the decolorization and refining of wine industry, catalysts and carriers, medicines and chemicals, etc.

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Description and characteristics

Features of wood based activated carbon

  • The mesoporous structure and specific surface area are more developed, so that it has a large adsorption capacity and a faster filtration rate.

  • High strength, low ash content, reasonable pore size distribution;

  • The fire point is high and safe to use.

Particle Size (mesh)
100, 200, 325(Custom sizes also available on request)
Methylene blue value
Iodine value
600 to 1200 IV
20kg pp bag, Custom packaging


  • Drinking water purification;

  • Decolorization, refining, deodorization, and impurity removal of sugar, citric acid, wine, condiments, animal and plant proteins in the food industry;

  • Decolorization and refining of medicines and chemicals;

  • Catalyst and carrier.

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