Powdered activated carbon

Powdered activated carbon can be made into the different adsorption capacity and fineness of different bleaching according to the user requirements. Powdered activated carbon has flocculation and filtering effect with the high speed. It has widely been applied in food, medicine, decolorization, crystallization, filtration, purification and other fields.


Raw materialWood, Coal
Size80, 200, 325mesh,
Cmethylene Blue Adsorption value10-22ml/g
CertificationHALAL, ISO9001:2008, KOSHER, NSF
Packaging20kg, 25kg or customized package

China's leading powdered activated carbon manufacturers

Zhulin Company has extensive experience in the production, research and technical support of powdered activated carbon products. In this way, we can provide customers with professional products and the best solutions.

Zhulin Carbon manufactures many granular types of activated carbon products, each specifically designed to provide a unique pore structure and adsorption properties.

Main application:

wood based activated carbon powder   Coal based activated carbon powder
  • Sugar decolorization
  • Glycerin decolorization
  • Mainly used in water treatment
  • Purification of edible oils, starches etc.
  • Fruit juices and beverages decolorization  
  • Sewage farm exhaust adsorption
  • Air filtration & gases
  • Soil improvement
  • Waste incineration, such as dioxins
  • Mainly used in water treatment
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