Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

Produce cost-effective, various sizes and customizable coconut shell, wood and coal powdered carbon. Low MOQ from 2000 kgs, high quality manufacturing, offer free sample delivery!

Powdered Activated Carbon Supplier & Manufacturer In China

Powdered Activated Carbon Supplier & Manufacturer In China

Powdered activated carbon is used in water treatment, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar, oil and grease industries, and is also more commonly used in brewing, waste incineration, power plants, electroplating and other fields.

ZLPAC is available in different parameters or custom specifications, or can be specifically customized to fit your project.

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  • Materials: Coconut shell, coal, wood
  • Mesh Sizes: 80-1500, 200, 325, Customized size
  • Iodine Absorb (mg/g): 500-1200IV
  • Moisture: max. 12%
  • Methylene blue (ml/g): 14-20 (wood base)
  • Caramel Decolourization capacity: min 120(wood base)
  • Ash: max. 12%
  • Application: City sewage purification, Drinking water treatment, Beverage, food and medicines water, Removal COD and heavy metal, Garbage burning for removing odor, Medicine industry, Food additives.
  • Delivery Time: According to your order quantity, stock, the delivery time is 1-3 weeks for regular sizes, and will be extended if impregnating, Acid Washing or custom packaging is required.
  • Quality Requirement: Meet ISO, NSF and other quality standards, we provide factory inspection reports, we can also accept third-party quality inspection (SGS)

Even the best-built products, if without suitable packing, may encounter problems during transportation. ensure that the products are not damaged in any way during transportation.

  • Standard export packaging.Standard export packaging.
  • 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag.
  • Customized packaging according to your requirements (logo or other content printed on the package is accepted).

Port of shipment: Qingdao, Tianjin or according to your requirements.

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Powderedactivated carbon for decolorization

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Powdered Activated Carbon: The Ultimate Guide

When you choose to purchase powdered activated carbon from China suppliers, there have some important points we need to know before we get started.

What is powdered activated carbon?

Activated carbon, as a porous adsorbent, is a non-crystalline substance composed of carbonaceous raw materials after carbonization and activation. The products are widely used in drinking water, industrial water, brewing, waste gas treatment, decolorization, precious metal recovery, gas purification and other fields.

Powder activated carbon is less than 80mesh activated carbon, made of wood, coal, coconut shell and other raw materials, with the advantages of fast filtration, economic and durable, is a good choice for water treatment, food and beverage decolorization, waste incineration gas treatment.

What are the applications that pac carbon can be used?

PAC carbons are very useful materials for below applications:

  1. Drinking water purification
  2. Wastewater treatment
  3. Sugar decolorization
  4. Food and beverage decontamination and purification
  5. Pharmaceutical industry
  6. Electroplating plant water treatment
  7. Waste incineration gas adsorption (dioxins)
  8. Other applications

Features of activated carbon powder?

  • Fast filtration speed
  • High decolorization and odor removal ability
  • Low economic cost
  • Good adsorption performance

Production standards and quality certification of powdered activated charcoal?

Zhulincarbon made activated carbons are according to standard ASTM, GB/T, etc. And our products are certified by NSF, HALAL, KOSHER...

How to choose your activated carbon manufacturer in China?

As one of the leading activated carbon manufacturer in China, Zhulincarbon will always bring you quality carbon products and solutions for you.

We have younger, more passionate and innovating engineers team than any other existing old active carbon competitors. We keep upgrading our manufacturing equipment to serve worldwide customers in over 60 countries.

Our goal is ensuring user’s tubing and piping project to run more smoothly, safely and efficiently.

From experience gained in dealing with traders, end users and purchases for global bidding projects, we have managed to better our services more.

ZHULIN will be your perfect choice when purchasing activated carbon.

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