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6*12 mesh coconut shell granular activated carbon gold recovery systems (CIP, CIL and CIC)

We are a professional activated carbon supplier. The activated carbon we produce for gold recovery has the characteristics of strong gold loading capacity, low wear and high strength, and has a competitive price. Our products are a good choice for your gold mining projects.

In the gold industry, the use of activated carbon to separate gold from the cyanide leachate has become an effective industry standard for the recovery of CIL, CIP and CIC.

  • Type: Coconut shell granular activated carbon
  • Standard ASTM Mesh Sizes: 6*12mesh, 8*16mesh
  • CTC Value: 55%, 60%
  • Hardness: min. 98
  • Ash: max. 7%
  • K Value: 30
  • R Value: 62

Packaging: 25kg/500kg/600Kg bags, Customized

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