High quality coconut shell activated carbon global manufacturer

Professional coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer, providing 6*12mesh, 8*16mesh, CTC60 high quality coconut shell carbon for gold extraction (CIP, CIL and CIC).

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We provide the best activated carbon products for your gold mine

  • Coconut shell granular activated carbon
  • Standard ASTM Mesh Sizes: 6*12mesh, 8*16mesh
  • CTC Value: 55%, 60%
  • Hardness: min. 98
  • Ash: max. 7%
  • K Value: 30
  • R Value: 62
  • * The packaging is 25kg/bag, or 500kg/bag, or customized packaging
    * Free samples for testing
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We guarantee product quality

Our special activated carbon for gold extraction has the characteristics of low wear rate and strong gold absorption performance. We have a well-equipped, modern testing laboratory and each material is tested several times during intermediate stages of production and before dispatch.

Customer-approved products

We attach importance to cooperation with customers, our products continue to increase in the market recognition, and have gained a large number of stable customers. For example, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Venezuela, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, etc.

Continuous and stable supply

A stable and reliable raw material supply system, continuous improvement of production and warehousing management capabilities are our guarantee for fast delivery. After the customer places an order, we will immediately arrange production and delivery to avoid delays in the customer's business.

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