Water filtration

Activated carbon is an efficient and cost-effective solution for removing a wide range of contaminants from industrial and municipal wastewater, contaminated ground, and groundwater. Zhulin Carbon offers the best way for a variety of applications related to water treatment including drinking water, industrial wastewater, and process water treatment.

Activated Carbon is regarded as the most common treatment solution for chlorine and organics removal in drinking water treatment applications. Removal of organics from chlorinated potable water is essential to prevent formation of trihalomethanes.

Zhulin Granular Activated Carbon utilizes state of the art manufacturing techniques and ultramodern equipment and testing facilities to produce different series of activated carbon products with the ideal balance of both adsorption and pore structure, low ash and impurities, high mechanical strength and consistent particle size distribution.

Like Water Filter (CTO and UDF type)
Soft Drink plant
Potable Water Treatment
Groundwater Remediation
Pesticides Removal

Zhulin powder activated carbon products for this application are geared for effective removal of all formulaic organic contaminants in industrial, municipal and household waste water contributing to toxicity, high BOD, COD and TOC values, development of undesired color and odor, and inhibiting biological treatment systems.


Process Effluent
Swimming Pools&Aquariums
Mercry Removal
Heavy Metals Removal

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