Sugar decolorizing

Activated carbon is the most common way to purify various sweeteners, including glucose, sucrose and fructose syrup. Sweeteners come from a variety of origins and each particular type has its own purification requirements. Cane sugar becomes white granulated sugar after large color bodies like melanoidins and caramels are removed. Similarly, for glucose, activated carbon can remove protein, hycroxy methyl furfural (HMF) from it. Starch based sweeteners, like glucose, dextrose, maltose and fructose, and artificial sweeteners have their own treatment requirements.

Rong Chang bituminous based granular activated carbon series has developed different types for all forms of sweetener treatment for the removal of colour and other unwanted byproducts.

Item Coal based activated carbon
Idoine >1000 mg/g
Size 12*40 mesh
Hardness >93 %
Ash <15 %
Moisture <5 %
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