Personal protection

Our activated carbons provide personal defense solutions against a wide variety of harmful contaminants. 

Depending on the different applications, activated carbon can be impregnated with various metal complexes to remove a diverse range of contaminants. These products are manufactured with special considerations to remove organic contaminants, VOC, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, arsine,  hosphine, formaldehyde, and other acid gases as well as alkali gases including ammonia and amine through both physisorption and chemisorption showing enhanced capacity to remove contaminants from air pathways. 

Zhulin has supplied the most advanced impregnated activated carbon for industrial and military.

ItemCoal based activated carbon
Typeimpregnated with different metals
Surface area>1000 m2/g
Bulk density0.45-0.55g/cm3
Moisture<2 %
Hardness98 %
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