Food and drinks

During food and drink production, the manufacturer must keep them safe and purify. Zhulin activated carbon products are also widely used for water purification by beverage producers who use can use only the very purest water in their processes.

Edible oils mainly comprise coconut oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, olive oil and corn oil. The refined oil is to remove impurities and keep beneficial ingredients. Generally, it includes three steps, neutralization, discoloration and deodorant. Activated carbon is the indispensable absorbent for oil industry, which can be used for deodorization, deodorization and discoloration.
It is important to choose the types of activated carbon. Zhulin activated carbon powder can meet the different types of oil. During the production, PH of activated carbon should be controlled in 5-8, and too alkaline or too acidic can cause undesirable changes in the oil.

With technical development, specialized activated carbon can be used in the wine industry. Color is the most important factor in production of wine. Zhulin powder activated carbon can solve effectively and absorb macro-molecule, which will contribute to dark as well as pare colors. Besides, activated carbon also can remove organics and other contaminants in the liquid.

About beer production, activated carbon can reduce the protein content and improve the beer’s unique flavor and foaming.

Powdered activated carbon has been a great partner for adsorption requirements in the production of fine wines industry.

Lactic acid is an important and commercial organic acid due to its application in food, medical, pharmaceutical and biodegradable material industries. Granular activated carbon (GAC) shows specific affinity towards organic acids like acetic, lactic acid and butyric acid. Zhulin granular & powdered activated carbon is commonly used for the decolorization of extracts in the lactic acid process.

Citric acid is the important organic acid, soluble in water and plays a cardinal usage in food and cosmetic industries. During production, the main role of activated carbon is to remove glia, protein and decolorization. Zhulin specialized activated carbons have a good effect for removing red and yellow pigment.

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