Biogas purification

Industrially generated biogas is a source of energy produced from different types of organic matter through anaerobic fermentation. The resulting gas consists of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and traces of other gases including hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

In order to avoid corrosion in parts of the plant, hydrogen sulfide has to be removed from the gas. A group of substances that occurs only in biogas is siloxanes.

Zhulin can provide an extruded impregnated activated carbon with enhanced adsorption capacity for H2S, SO2, mercaptans, and acid compounds, especially developed for air and gas purification applications. The product is designed for fast adsorption kinetics and high sulphur loading capacities.

ItemCoal based pellet activated carbon
Idoine>900 mg/g
CTC>55 %
Ash<15 %
Moisture<5 %
KOH content8%
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