Air purification

Activated carbon is mainly used for high-end air purification, waste gas treatment, waste incineration, desulphurization and denitration.
Air filtration applications require activated carbon grades featuring excellent hardness characteristics and high retentivity. Pellet & powdered activated carbon with their extreme hardness and large microporous structure are the carbon of choice for this type of service. The carbon shapes and particle sizes used vary with the filter media. Whether you are working to meet emission regulations to protect the environment and human health, controlling emissions, or reducing harmful or nuisance odors, Zhulin offers a variety of activated carbon products to help address your needs.

Flue gas is a by-product of burning fuel or waste products for energy. Zhulin Carbon offers total purification solutions for the treatment of flue gas emissions tailor made to remove low concentrations of toxic dioxin, mercury, furans and other emissions.

Our specially processed powdered activated carbons (PAC), when injected into flue gas from metal smelters, steel mills, cement kilns, incinerators, and coal fired utilities, enables these industries air streams to reduce unwanted compounds to meet stringent regulations.

Cigarettes are everywhere in our lives, so do you know the secrets of cigarette filters? Activated carbon, as the best absorbent, can be added to cigarette filters to increase the adsorption of harmful substances and reduce harm to our body.

The main function of the cigarette filter is to adsorb harmful substances produced by the combustion of cigarettes, which can reduce the harmfulness of smoke and the tobacco in the mouth. If activated carbon is added to cigarette filters, it will greatly increase the adsorption of tar, nicotine, and even carbon monoxide, reducing the harm to our body.

Zhulin can provide 1.5mm activated carbon pellet, which has been proved the better effect.

In chemical plants such as metal mines and natural gas purification, the exhaust gas stream contains mercury vapor, which is extremely toxic. In order to protect the environment and human health and recover valuable mercury, Zhulin can provide 4mm activated carbon impregnated with sulfur for the removal of HG.

Since most of the sulfur is covered in the gaps of the activated carbon when the gas flows through the sulfur impregnated activated carbon bed, the mercury vapor is easier and more effective to contact with the sulfur, so that it reacts quickly with sulfur to form mercury sulfide, which is deposited in the activated carbon and achieve the purpose of mercury removal. This sulfur-loaded activated carbon is suitable for occasions where it is difficult to remove mercury by conventional methods, and the mercury removal rates are all above 99%.

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