Air/Gas Purification

With the continuous development of industry, air purification has become our main demand. Activated carbons are used extensively in the gas phase for the removal of a variety of unwanted contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odour-causing molecules.

We can offer a range of standard, impregnated, and specialized activated carbon products for a wide spectrum of air purification applications, such as removing siloxane, H2S, and other harmful gases removal.

Scope of application

Air purification

1gm activated carbon offers 3000 sqmeters for capturing odorous air molecules. With this quality, active carbon is extensively used in air purification. It is the better way for the removal of VOCs, airborne chemicals, gaseous pollutants, and other fumes and odors in industrial, municipal, or commercial applications.

Zhulin can provide extruded (pressed pellets), impregnated carbon or coarse granular activated carbon for air purification to meet clients' needs.

activated carbon for Air purification

Industrial Waste Gas

Industrial waste gas refers to the various pollutant-containing gases discharged into the air during the fuel combustion and production processes in the factory area. If discharged into the atmosphere, it will pollute the air and even endanger human health.

These waste gas contains acid gas, organic waste gas (VOC), heavy metals, sulfur-containing gas, etc., and activated carbon adsorption method is an effective way to treat industrial waste gas.

We can provide granular carbon and Pellet carbon series for waste gas treatment to solve the problem of gas pollution.

activated carbon for Industrial Waste Gas

Vapor Recovery

Vapor recovery is the process of removing harmful vapor and fluid contaminants from crude products to improve purity and prevent the release of toxic pollutants into the environment. Vapor removal is also done in chemical processing industries to recover unwanted vapors from storage units to keep the chemicals pure and safe for use and transport.

Control of VOC or HAP vapors can be accomplished activated carbon adsorbers. Activated carbon adsorption vapor recovery units utilize the carbon's ability to preferentially adsorb certain molecules from gaseous mixtures. Activated carbon, with its highly porous structure and vast surface area, adsorbs hydrocarbons from the air/hydrocarbon mixture emitted from the vapors generating source.

activated carbon for Vapor Recovery

Mercury Removal

We provide a special process for impregnating sulfur activated carbon. Due to the developed void structure of activated carbon, sulfur is adsorbed densely in the filter holes. It can effectively react with sulfur to produce mercury sulfide and deposit it in the pores of activated carbon to achieve the purpose of removing mercury. It is suitable for removing mercury-containing vapors in gas streams where mercury removal by conventional methods is difficult.

Mercury removal activated carbon

Waste Incineration Flue Gas

We can provide coal-based powdered activated carbon, which has good adsorption capacity for pollutant gases such as dioxins produced by garbage incineration, and is widely used in the fields of garbage incineration power generation and solid waste incineration.

activated carbon Waste Incineration Flue Gas

Gas Mask

Tens of thousands of different kinds of chemicals exist in our work environment. Many of them are harmful and there is a possibility of resulting in acute poisoning caused by inhalation of high concentrations of toxic gases or serious injuries by chronic exposure to low concentrations of these toxic gases for long periods of time.

Some gas mask is made with activated carbon to offer strong protection against particulate matter, vapors and gases. Zhulin can provide impregnated carbon and effective protection for personal and industrial respirator devices.

Gas Mask

Cigarette Filter

Cigarettes are a type of tobacco products and are used by a wide range of people all over the world. However, tobacco contains harmful cost components, which can be adsorbed by activated carbon.

Our coconut shell activated carbon for tobacco has excellent adsorption performance, which can remove toxic components, unfavorable components or odorous components in the gas.

activated carbon for Cigarette Filter
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